Custom Software Development
For custom software development, we work for a Fixed Price based on project specifications agreed to by both parties. We calculate the price based on the resources allocated to the project (developers, components & tools needed).

This type of contract has the advantage that the customer can determine his exact budget in advance. On the other hand, because the specification document has a contractual value and describes the deliverables of the project, the client needs to put more effort into the complete specifications for the project in the document. Moreover, fixed price contracts tend to be less flexible for managing changes. If requirement changes occur during the development process, they will cause a renegotiation of the contract.

Java Consulting
For a high degree of flexibility, we use a Time and Materials contract where the project price is calculated on each developer's cost/day and the number of days worked, The bill is sent monthly. For this type of contract, the cost/programmer depends on the programmer's experience.