Development Methodology

Depending on each project we adopt a hybrid solution from these methodologies:

Prototyping Model
This methodology builds a simulation of the final project by sharing the user interface with the client. In this way, we build a better understanding of the requirements with the client, which reduces the design risks.

Iterative Model
The strategy starts by defining the business stories together with the client and users. The functionalities will be developed in more iterations following the business value. After each iteration the client and users review the solution and send feedback to the developers. When the implementation is accepted by the client, the new functionalities are deployed and the users start using them.

The approach enables to stay focused on main business requirements through frequent deliveries, continual integration and ongoing client participation.

We use specialized tools to manage and document the following activities:
  • Project management and planning
  • System architecture design
  • Version Control System (SVN, GIT)
  • Test planning
  • Bug management
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