About us

We started in 2001 in Bucharest, Romania. Today, we have a proven record of accomplishment solving the information technology problems of our clients through customized Java software development.

GZK Software focuses on innovation, communication and collaboration in the process of producing software solutions that empower the business enterprise.


GZK creates customized, robust software that creatively solves the IT challenges that you face and enables your business processes to operate more efficiently. Find out more about how we develop the software in the Technologies section.


GZK keeps the lines of communication open and flowing with the client at all stages of a project from planning to staff training. Find out more about the stages of a project and the communication that’s necessary with the client in our Services section.


GZK’s software specialists partner with you to tackle IT challenges through strategic consulting, long-term project contracting of a GZK specialist team or outsourcing parts of your IT functions. Find out more about GZK’s process.