Software Development

The experience and professionalism of our specialists are at your service for developing and implementing custom software solutions. All projects developed by GZK conform to requirements and a project plan agreed to by both parties.

For the development of a software application, it is very important to define the requirements clearly and as detailed as possible. The development stages are as follows:

  1. The definition of requirements outlines the general specifications, including the main goal of the application, the type and properties of data, relationships between data, and the desired final reports. Usually, the client provides this document. Only by receiving good general specifications can we specify an appropriate price and a correct deadline.
  2. Our project manager prepares a detailed analysis with the client that describes each feature of the future application.
  3. The development team designs the application, providing a blueprint for the technical solution that the programmers need for the development of the software. The development phase is the time when the programmers write the source code of the software.
  4. The testing of the software includes the simulation of the real environment. Real data is entered in the application and the functionality and results of the software are tested.
  5. The last step is the installation of the software and the training of the staff that will use it along with the user's documentation.
The client becomes the owner of the application and receives the source-code of the application and the components developed.

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